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Thug Life by shahdaemmamahdi featuring urban outfitters necklace
Black singlet, $11 / VILA , $52 / Red shoes / Urban Outfitters  earrings / Urban Outfitters initial ring / Urban Outfitters  necklace, $11 / Married to the Mob slouch beanie / Silicone case

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Yes,please be good to me.

Bye bye lovely July, and hello delicious August!
I have been waiting for you most eagerly the entire summer and now you have finally arrived. Actually, I should not be happy about this, it’s August, in couple of weeks kids get back to school, in a month people of my age go back to college. Summer is coming to an end and dark, damp, dull autumn is behind a corner :( …but ok, not just yet.
I feel like my summer is just starting.
I could say please August, be good but it cannot be nothing but good as there are 8 days until I don’t need to go to work for over three entire weeks! Many have had their summer holidays already, but I have all that loveliness still ahead.  Plus 13 days left, until I am flying far above the Atlantic heading towards the United States of America for the first time. It will be my first time traveling outside of Europe. Yaay! Oh I am starting to get that tingling excitement of adventure I love in my stomack! My adventurous heart and I are very pleased and happy, oh so so happy. :))
Yeah, this month is going to be fabulous.
I hope you have a fantastic August too!
Remember to enjoy this summer to the hilt while it lasts. You know what they say, how every summer has a story, so make sure you have that story to tell at the end of this month! Ok?
I certainly will.
Oh 8 days, please go fast.
- lovesme

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